You don’t have to follow rules or make sacrifices to enjoy foods that you want, just be flexible and open to changing your thinking. You can have the best of everything by focusing on alternative choices so that you can get on with the joy of living well.


Challenging the perception of plant-based foods, we have created recipes and

go-to swaps using our products to show how you can easily substitute traditional ingredients to make a variety of healthier and cleaner-eating dishes — but without compromising on taste and enjoyment.​

Within each recipe list of ingredients, AP represents AMBERLINE PRESERVES products, and UKF represents URBAN KITCHEN Foods products.

You can now purchase these products in different food boxes from our SHOP section.


Plus there are bonus recipes sharing our tips and tricks on how to replace eggs and dairy to make sweet and savoury treats, toppings, fillings, and sauces, always with a focus on great flavour combinations and variations.