PREP TIME: 5 -10 mins. SERVINGS: 2

Fragrant wild rose, hints of lime, herbs, and black pepper make this drink an out-of-the-ordinary mocktail or base for traditional cocktails.


AP Fragrant Wild Rose Cordial

Fresh Coriander or Basil

Fresh Lime

1 cup Sparkling Water

Fresh or dried rose petals

Optional:Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper

DIRECTIONS 1. Optional: Wet rims of glasses with lime juice and salt the rim by dipping it into a small plate of sprinkled salt and ground black pepper. (This enhances the flavour or else you may like to add to the mix instead.)

2. Place a few coriander sprigs, water, 2-3 tbsp syrup/cordial to taste into a cocktail shaker.and muddle to release the herb oils.

3. Add ice and shake well.

4. Strain into glasses and garnish with lime, coriander/basil and/or rose petals and serve.

*If you prefer, add to prosecco or your favourite spirit