PREP TIME: 20 mins. SERVINGS: 4-6

This scrumptious sauce makes everything better, from pasta, rice, to main courses.


AP 4 Herb Pesto

Walnuts, 1 cup, plus extra for garnish

Nut Milk, 2 cups (see recipe)


1. To make the sauce, break 1 cup of walnuts into halves and soak in nut milk overnight.

2. Drain off any excess milk and place walnuts and 2-3 tablespoons of pesto into a food processor and blend until smooth – use an leftover milk to help blend if too thick.

3. Warm to serve over pasta or rice or as accompaniment to main courses. Can be used cold to toss through grilled vegetables or salad or as side sauce/dip. Top with whole walnuts for garnish.