PREP TIME: 10 mins. COOK TIME: 30 mins. SERVINGS: 2

Grilled vegetables get all the attention they deserve with a good dollop of pesto and avocado in a toasted sandwich with a new lease of life.


UKF Well Bread

AP Basil, Red or 4 Herb Pesto

Sliced Mushrooms

2 Slices of Half Aubergine

1 Red Pepper

2-4 Artichokes halved, rinsed and drained

1 Handful Rocket, Spinach or Basil

Mashed Avocado (Optional)

1 tsp Olive Oil

1 dsp Balsamic Vinegar

Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper


1. Heat oven to 200 C.

2. Score aubergine slices at an angle and slice mushrooms.

3. Rub olive oil and balsamic vinegar into mushrooms and aubergine, and season with salt and pepper.

4. Spread vegetables evenly on a baking tray and roast in the oven for about 25 minutes until browning.

5. Toast 4 slices of bread.

6. Spread mashed avocado on 2 slices of toast, and one teaspoon of pesto each side of other pieces of toast.

7. When vegetables are done, slice the aubergine into smaller strips layer on pesto slices of toast. Layer mushroom on top and add your choice of greens. Cover each sandwich with the avocado slices of toast bread, and cut into half diagonally.

8. Serve a green salad.