PREP TIME: 10 -15 mins. COOK TIME: 10 mins. SERVINGS: 4

A great-tasting and satisfying alternative to the traditional, this burger is so packed with juicy flavour, even a meat lover will love it.

INGREDIENTS UKF Brie or Gouda Faumage x 2

AP Capsi d'Or or Muhammara Sauce

AP Traditional or Celtic Sauerkraut

8 x 4-inch portobello mushroom caps (2 per person to be sandwiched together to make burger) 1 dsp Olive Oil Himalayan Pink Salt Ground Black Pepper

4 hamburger buns (Optional. See image, right for serving without)

Lettuce/Rocket/Spinach/Mixed Leaves Sliced Onion Sliced tomatoes Mashed Avocado DIRECTIONS 1. Put all mushrooms and seasoning into a baking pan and season. Grill on one side for up 8-10 mins, turn over and switch off oven. (If you want a cheese burger, now is the time to add slices to mushroom and allow to melt, then sandwich together with another mushroom to make a burger. Alternatively mushrooms can be filled and put together with condiments and garnish at table.) 2.Toast buns. 3. Arrange all garnishes and condiments on a platter with plates and cutlery. 4. Serve 1 mushroom each slice of bun per person and everyone adds fillings and toppings to make burger to taste.