PREP TIME: 20 mins. SERVINGS: 2-4

The humble coleslaw loses some weight and gets a make-over.


AP Celtic Sauerkraut

Mango, 1-2

Spring Onions, 2

Carrots, 2

Fresh Tarragon

Fresh Lime

Maple Syrup

Black Pepper


1. Slice mango and toss with juice of half a lime, and half a cup of chopped tarragon.

2. Grate carrots and chop spring onions.

3. Combine mango mixture with carrots and onion. Add half a jar of sauerkraut and 1-2 teaspoons to taste of maple syrup and black pepper. Refrigerate or serve immediately with Spicy Portobello Tacos (see recipe) or as a side dish or sandwich filling.