Based just outside Benburb in County Armagh, we make our award-winning original Amberline Preserves using fresh ingredients foraged from our bio/eco-farm near Peatland’s Park. Together with my husband, Seamus, we work the land and sell our fresh and ambient produce at farmers' markets throughout Ireland.

Running a farm, there can be a surplus of production and I hate waste so I began to make preserves and fermented foods. The origins of my products come from an age-old tradition that is enjoying a renaissance with both gourmet and health-conscious consumers. In my native Poland, fermenting foods is a time-honoured way to not only extend the use of food, but to aid digestive and overall health.


I wanted to make colourful products, full of goodness, that  deliver intense and unusual flavour pairings. Too many preserves and pickles are packed with sugars - on average up to 60% content - and it's not necessary. Nor is the addition of artificial sweeteners.


All of our produce is eco/bio-farmed. No chemicals have been used on our farm for over 30 years. Combining wild foraged herbs, blossoms, and berries with our farmed fruits and vegetables, all ingredients in our products are seasonal, freshly picked, and hand-processed, and contain at least 70% fresh produce.

Our full range of products includes preserves, confitures, syrups, cordials, pestos, savoury preserves and sauces, and prebiotic foods and drinks in a variety of innovative flavour combinations. All of our products are FREE FROM gluten, dairy, egg, soy. GMO, palm oil, preservatives and colourings.


Our preserve and cordial range is created with only naturally occurring sugars, and is particularly popular with parents of young children, those on a sugar-controlled diet, and the health-conscious seeking a satisfying alternative to traditionally sugar-laden products, without compromising on taste. Some of my favourites include Pineapple & Mango and Strawberry & Rose Petal preserves, and Spiced Elderberry cordial. From our vast range of naturally preserved raw sauerkrauts and kimchis, customer favourites are spicy Muhammara and my original Capsi d'Or dips, and a range of sauerkrauts flavoured with turmeric, black pepper, beets, and my homage to Ireland, Celtic Kraut, full of kale, savoy cabbage and turnips.  

We're proud that our products have received the good food seal of approval by chefs throughout greater Belfast,  recognised and recommended as local, honest, traceable and, most importantly, delicious.


We invite you to try our range of natural products and hope that you enjoy them nearly as much as we enjoy making them for you.

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