We live in an automatic age where everything is on tap and readily available to us, from the constant stream of world news to the activities of friends and family, fast food and fashion. In this instant world, is it really surprising that the careful craft of the handmade is often ignored and forgotten?


It takes time to learn and utilise skills that create quality products but, outside of our kitchens and workshops, real-time is fast and fleeting and we are at the mercy of changing tastes and fads.


Real, natural, and sustainable have long been neglected in favour of the faux and the fast. We wanted to find meaning in things and how they are made, so we did it ourselves. We created GREEN to revive what has become niche instead of the everyday.


Green living is about keeping yourself healthy and happy. Our bodies put up with a lot every day, from fast food to air pollution to a poor night’s sleep, so being aware of toxins and preventing them from entering into your environment is the first step to living clean.

Whether you think about it or not, you have an impact on your environment every day with every choice that you make. You can make a difference, very simply, by choosing clothing, homeware, food, and packaging that is as natural, sustainable, reusable, and recyclable as possible. 

Read labels, check the ingredients in your food and the fabric in your linens, soft furnishings and accessories. Do something as simple as switching to eco-friendly materials that are natural and sustainable. 

We don't want chemicals and preservatives or plastic and synthetics. The products we make and our packaging choices are created from renewable and natural resources that enable more use, less waste, and are easily recycled. 

If you appreciate what GREEN is all about and want to be part of it, browse around and CONTACT US to find out more.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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